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. . . .Soo yeah. I'm Maya,I'm a simple person and i know little about lots . .I think I'm awesome in my own right, but who doesn't think that.

movies.music.clothes and everything else. .

Queens. New york. <--- <3



The Neelys are getting a divorce and supposedly hated each other the entire 11 seasons of their show.

I’m not surprised. I’ve always thought they were full of shit. All them sexual innuendos over some ribs was a front.

Man I hated that fuckin show

"Pass me the salt, Big Daddy."




I’ve been laughing at the #DuragHistoryWeek tag on twitter



JT outchea lookin like a reservoir tip tho


The longer video of ol’ boy killin it!


This is very hard for me at this moment in my life to express my heart/mind to the world, but I will say these last few months have been the worst months of my life. I was dating someone (J$tash) that abused me verbally ,emotionally and physically throughout the end duration of our relationship. Monday morning on September 15th 2014 my life was forever, changed. A person I thought and believed I could trust, whom I gave my love/time/energy to brutally punched me in my face repeatedly with his fists while I became slowly unconscious covered in blood in his brooklyn apartment bed. After he was done he told me to not tell anyone to not tell my friends, He also started to prepare legal action to protect himself in case I pressed charges against him. He cried and became unstable within his emotions and was apologetic towards his actions, but would continue to say i did this to myself.

He then boarded a flight to Japan a few hours after and has been sending me text messages claiming he will destroy me even more than he already did. He said he will ruin my life! I got brutally beaten for confronting him on infidelity which caused him to become violent in an instant.

Do not interpret this as a cry for help this is honestly a decision to speak up against domestic violence for those who cant due to the manipulative acts our abusers inflict on us to never speak up and for those who didn’t survive because of brutal domestic violence.

I will not allow myself to sit in the shadows of darkness and disrespect myself for not taking a stand.

I am speaking out for all my women!

Be brave this is what bravery looks like.

Abuser: Justin Joseph / J$tash


— 1. A general introduction to an unpopular/unshared opinion, or that which one is reluctant to admit. "Lowkey Reese’s cups are the best candy on Earth." 2. Sly admittance. "Lowkey, I think you’re the one for me." African American Proverb (via blackproverbs)



Today, Ferguson is prepared to “keep it moving.”

September 28th

In face of the ordinance that mandated protestors not stand still while protesting, the community rode bikes #BlackBrilliance

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